Ann RomneyBy David Von Drehle With Ann Romney, what you see is 酒店兼職what you get, except when it’s not. The would-be First Lady is 裝潢indeed a picture-perfect country-club Republican woman, bright and 太平洋房屋attractive at 63, with a rich, handsome husband and five thriving 澎湖民宿sons, a romper room of grandchildren, multiple houses, a stable of 租屋horses and a couple of Cadillacs. As such, she makes a tempting 系統傢俱target for liberal critics. But no matter what political ad-makers 借貸might want us to believe, no one can be summed up in a single 票貼image or cartoon有沒有第一夫人像?他是共和黨提名人羅米的太太63歲, 已房屋買賣生了5個兒子,快當了阿媽, 姿色不減Read mRead more: 小額信貸
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